Sorry guys. I’ve know I’ve been a complete bust as a blogger lately. I’ve just had so much going on—lots of (good) stuff at the day job, and two young kids who will soak up all the time and attention that I can give them. But thank you for bearing with me.

Here are some things that I would have written about had I had the time to write about them.

1) Emma Sulkowicz’s bizarre performance art video
2) The abundance of wildlife that has been traipsing across my yard—and in my home—this summer
3) Presidential politics and the Supreme Court
4) My deep, deep desire to go see one of the upcoming Grateful Dead shows—and why I have resisted the urge
5) Various literary frauds
6) A-Rod and the absence of steroids
7) The competitive world of suburban children’s birthday parties
8) Why Hillary is vulnerable
9) So much more

So I will try to get back on track promptly.