Jimmy Fallon plays a joke on Yankee fans in which he asks them to boo a cutout of Robinson Cano—the free agent second baseman, now Seattle Mariner—who’s coming back to the Stadium tonight.

They do. And then are embarrassed when the real Robinson Cano walks out.

A few words before you watch.

Fallon says, “Well, obviously Cano’s going to hear a lot of boos when he steps up to the plate…”

Actually, I don’t think that’s true. Yankee fans really never loved Robinson Cano, and I think a lot of us think the Yankees made the right decision in not giving him a massive ten-year contract. There’s not that much outrage about his departure.

Second, a couple of the fans interviewed make the point that Cano left a winning team for a team that doesn’t win solely for the money, and question that thinking. It’s a fair point.

Third—and this is my personal anti-Cano animus here, I’ll admit—Cano comes off as just as monosyllabic and uninteresting as he did during all his years with the Yankees.

He’s a great athlete, no question. But I’m just fine with him playing for Seattle.