As murder embroils a second Boston sports team, the Red Sox center fielder slotted to replace now-Yankee Jacoby Ellsbury is hitting a buck sixty-seven.! I don’t wish any young player ill, but, well…he is a Red Sox.

As everyone says, it’s only spring training. But you have to like the way the Yankees are looking. (Yes, Red Sox fans, you do too. I insist.) The starting rotation looks excellent, Mark Texeira is back, Derek Jeter is back, Jacoby Ellsbury hasn’t gotten (seriously) injured yet, and the team’s new players are generally performing well.

Here is my prediction: We are going to crush the Sox like small, foul-smelling bugs!

Sorry, no, wait.

The Yankees will win the division.

Also: At some point, winter will end. Not going to say when, though.