The Times reports that the Yankees are close to signing Red Sox center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury, which would make their resigning of Robinson Cano less likely.


With the addition of Ellsbury, who turned 30 on Sept. 11, the Yankees would still have money to bring back Robinson Cano and stay under their stated goal of $189 million for their payroll. However, Cano would have to accept the club’s current price of seven years and about $170 million to $175 million. The Yankees offered Cano seven years for about $160 million and seemed unfazed Tuesday by reports that he was talking to the Seattle Mariners, who have been trying for years to add offense.

Here is the essential comparison between the two players: Jacoby Ellsbury stole home off Andy Pettitte. Robinson Cano doesn’t run out ground out balls.

I love that the Yankees don’t seem like they’re trying to sign Cano all that hard, and hope that my theory—that secretly they don’t really want to resign him—is true. I don’t know if this exchange would make the Yankees a better team, but it would certainly make them a more likable one….