Buzzfeed has a pretty interesting piece about the demise of Reuters Next, the digital Reuters initiative spearheaded by Harvard alum Chrystia Freeland, written about here as the woman who has faux-interviewed Larry Summers more than anyone else.

According to sources close to the project, Freeland had never seen Reuters Next as an advertising play — one Reuters source said that she “made very little effort to ensure ads would work on the site” — and when it became clear ads had to be worked into the project, there were difficulties.
“I don’t understand what they were thinking, ‘Let’s not run any ads, let’s spend millions and see what happens.’ The idea that it had to be monetized caught them by surprise,” the Reuters employee said

Freeland didn’t talk for the story, so her side of things is not so well represented. But she doesn’t come out looking well: Freeland announced her departure from Reuters in a newspaper column in which she declared that she was running for a Canadian parliamentary seat.

This was news to the people who worked for her—especially because it wasn’t actually a Reuters column in which Freeland made her announcement.

Perhaps all that interviewing of Larry Summers has rubbed off on her?