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Thinking about Weiner

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He’s gone now, vanished, and our national bloodlust has apparently been saked until next time. But before we all move on to the next outrage which makes us feel better about ourselves—well, at least we didn’t do that—let me throw out a theory I have, and I will bet money that within a year someone will prove this to be true: Anthony Weiner was set up.

Over the weekend, the TImes ran a piece reporting that some unknown people had created fake identities on Twitter in order to collect damaging information about the congressman.

At least three months before the revelation that former Representative Anthony D. Weiner was sending lewd messages and photos to women online, a small group of self-described conservatives was monitoring his exchanges with women on Twitter. Now there is evidence that one or more people created two false identities on Twitter in order to collect information to use against him.

But even before this article, I had come to believe that someone was stage-managing the press in the Wiener matter—that reporters, probably knowingly, were being manipulated in order to destroy an outspoken liberal member of Congress. There were too many anonymous stories that managed to be broken like clockwork, which is to say, just when it seemed things might be calming down. Okay, here’s the penis picture. Okay, here’s the underage girl. (How exactly did reporters find out about that one?)

Then there’s the story of Genette Cordova, the woman to whom Weiner sent the now-infamous photo of his crotch. Somehow anonymous right-wingers were harassing her well before that happened.

Ms. Cordova said that after Mr. Weiner began following her, critics of the congressman started sending her harassing messages. She said she then began communicating, always electronically, with the congressman about their shared annoyance with those critics.

Even now, no one knows who those conservative cyberstalkers are, and whether they had any official relationship with the Republican Party. (I think it’s about a 40-60 chance.)

But we do know that the guy who broke the story, Andrew Breitbart, also promoted undercover attempts to discredit NPR and Acorn, the community group.

It’s clear that a shadowy group of political operatives, whether amateur or professional, was determined to take out Anthony Weiner, and Weiner gave them the material with which to do it. But wouldn’t you like to know who they are? And who will they turn their sights to next?

They Got Whitey

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It took 16 years, but the FBI has finally arrested Boston mobster Whitey Bulger.

(How’d you like to have been the reporter who knocked on Billy Bulger’s door this morning?)

First bin Laden. Now Bulger. Look out, D.B. Cooper!

Onward and Upward for the Winklevosses

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They have dropped their lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.

In a statement, Facebook said: “We’ve considered this case closed for a long time, and we’re pleased to see the other party now agrees.”

Even in victory, Facebook manages to be slightly dick-ish.

More on the Jackass

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Film critic Roger Ebert has started an online debate after Tweeting of Ryan Dunn, who just died after drinking and driving 110 miles an hour on a backroad in a Porsche:

“Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive.”

Perez Hilton thinks it’s “too soon.” Someone from Gawker thinks that “if I wanted lectures from someone on drunk driving, which I do not, I wouldn’t want them from a movie critic.” And fellow Jackass “star” Bam Margera tweets, “I just lost my best friend, I have been crying hysterical for a full day and piece of shit roger ebert has the gall to put in his two cents.”

I dunno—I’m kind of with Roger Ebert on this one. After all, Dunn killed his passenger, and he could have killed other people…. I suppose it would have been more sensitive to wait a bit, but the Jackass guys aren’t exactly known for their sensitivity….

It’s Not Fuck You Penguin, But…

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I will always miss the now-legendary website, Fuck You Penguin, which has given up the ghost.

But the Daily Otter is kind of nice too!

Not Conforming to Stereotypes, Part 3

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Don’t try this at home. (A clip from Australian Geographic tv.)

Not Conforming to Stereotypes At All, Part 2

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Ryan Dunn, a “star” of the Jackass movies, died yesterday after he drove his Porsche off a road and it blew up. Earlier in the night, he’d posted on Tumbl a photo of himself drinking.

Dunn, 34, was perhaps most famous for shoving a toy car up his anus.

(I’m tempted to make a joke about cars and revenge, but will try to avoid doing so.)

I think my next post is going to be about the state of American education.

Toy Car Up the Butt
Jackass: The Movie at

Not Conforming to Stereotypes at All

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Forty-nine out of 51 Miss America contestants last night don’t believe in evolution.

In an encouraging sign, the winner, Alyssa Campanella of California, does.

I leave the conclusions to you…..

P.S. Hear’s more about Ms. Campanella. Her hero is…Mary Queen of Scots!

Friday Afternoon Zen

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Allston to Harvard: Drop Dead

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The Globe reports on Allston residents’ continuing distrust of Harvard.

“It seems like this is going to be on Harvard’s terms, not the community’s terms,’’ said Brent Whelan, 59, of Allston. “You have heard from us over and over again, and nothing happens. That’s why we don’t bring any trust to the table. I’m sick of hearing about everything you’ve done after you’ve done it.’’