I want to give credit where credit is due: The good people at GluttNY, whom I’d criticized for promoting a “eat it before it eats you” meal featuring shark, have changed their menu in response to my correspondence with them.

They’re now featuring stingray. (They don’t “eat you,” of course, but so far as I know, they’re not endangered.)

I think you can’t ask anything more of folks who’ve made a mistake than that they quickly address it, and GluttNY has done that. So if you happen to be in Brooklyn this Sunday, check out their event. I can’t make it—out of town this weekend—but I’d go if I weren’t.

Here’s the not-so-good news: At least 55 restaurants in Manhattan have shark fin soup on the menu. Don’t go to them. Or better yet, go to them, sit down, tell them that you’re opposed to shark fin soup, and leave.

Here’s the list of 55, by the way.

The blog Gothamist has been great on this issue and provides this link to the Humane Society’s webpage, which offers ways to fight shark finning.