The Atlantic reports on how the Ivy League is “[making] peace with ROTC.”

Because it’s not just Harvard that exiled ROTC in protest of the military.

At Yale University, College Dean Mary Miller told the student-run Yale Daily News Saturday: “We’re very excited and pleased with today’s results. This [decision in Congress] allows us to make the recommendations we wanted to make” to allow ROTC programs to return to the Yale campus for the first time since 1969.

And Columbia president Lee Bollinger puts it well:

“This is an historic development for a nation dedicated to fulfilling its core principle of equal rights. It also effectively ends what has been a vexing problem for higher education, including at Columbia — given our desire to be open to our military, but not wanting to violate our own core principle against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation,” he said.

In about a year, I expect we’ll wonder why there was ever such a fuss about letting gays be soldiers.