Where would you go to learn to be an inept spy?

The Kennedy School, of course.

The Times reports that Donald Heathfield, allegedly one of Russia’s embarrassingly inept spies, got his start at Harvard’s embarrassingly inept (I’m sorry, I’m actually sort of fond of the Kennedy School, but it’s true) school of government and public policy.

Of course, who could blame him? They say the reason to go to the K-School is for the networking, and what else is spying but really good networking?

Perhaps the most striking thing about Mr. Heathfield, Mr. Podlasly said, was how carefully he kept track of his classmates’ careers after graduation. He traveled overseas a lot and visited many of them, Mr. Podlasly said.

“He kept in touch with almost all of our international classmates,” [classmate Mark] Podlasly said. “In Singapore, in Jakarta — he knew what everyone was doing. If you wanted to know where anybody was at, Don would know.

The only thing he didn’t know, apparently, was useful information….