In this video, Wyclef Jean responds to accusations that his charity has funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars into companies he controls. Or not. You be the judge.

Meanwhile, like the Harvard Foundation, the NAACP is giving Jean an award to honor his fundraising on behalf of Haiti.

Prior to the unfortunate disaster, YĆ©le Haiti Foundation awarded annual scholarships, started soccer programs for at-risk youth, and facilitated free outdoor films in neighborhoods without electricity.

To be fair, I give the Harvard Foundation the benefit of the doubt that it was unaware of Wyclef Jean’s integrity issues when it picked him as its award recipient, and I gather that informal inquiries were made to check out the allegations. (In my opinion, those inquiries should have been more formal and more persistent.)

Still, Harvard is putting its imprimatur on Jean, and once given this blessing is very hard to revoke. I have no doubt but that there will be more investigation of Yele Haiti, and much skepticism that Wyclef Jean will come out smelling like a rose.

Meanwhile Yele Haiti still remains off Drew Faust’s list of recommended charities….

I am, for some reason, reminded of this scene, featuring Ben Vereen and Roy Scheider, from the classic “All That Jazz.”