Argh…that is one of the worst things in the world, seeing your team get not just swept, but humiliated, by the Sox (and  that steal of home, while a very pretty play, was humiliating).  Boston looked like a superior team over the weekend, and they are certainly rolling right now. The Yankees, meanwhile, have some big problems. 

Boston’s great strength, it seems to me, is its depth. And its youth. (Okay, two things.) Pedroia and Ellsbury are going to be driving the Yankees nuts forever. And that Theo Epstein really does have a gift for finding diamonds in the rough. 

Does the team have weaknesses? Well, Ortiz and Varitek are old. (Ortiz isn’t that old, but, well, we all know what’s going on there.) 


The Yankees have more weaknesses, and one of them is a notable lack of pop in their lineup. Every time you turned around last night, it seemed that Nick Swisher or Melky Cabrera or Brett Gardner or that poor, pressed-into-service third baseman were coming to the plate. Not exactly daunting. A-Rod better hurry back, because the Yankees are really missing him. Plus, Mark Texeira has started the season slowly and looks a little lost at the plate. (He’ll come around.) 

And the Yankees are older—far too old. Damon, Matsui, Posada, Jeter, Pettitte—all are within hollering distance of retirement, and none of them (maybe Jeter) particularly make opponents nervous any more. 

In short, the Yankee lineup doesn’t make pitchers work as hard as does the Sox’, and you could see that over the weekend, as the Yankee pitchers just wore down.

That Yankee pitching staff, by the way, hasn’t nearly pitched up to potential, and you have to wonder if Chien Ming-Wang ever will again.

Of course, it’s early. Texeira will hit, A-Rod will return, Cano could have a great season, Melky Cabrera might finally fulfill his potential (I doubt it, but we’ll see), and the Yankees could look much better than they did this weekend. 

But if I were a Sox fan, I’d be feeling pretty confident right now.

As I am not, they can still bite me.