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Mr. Epstein Goes to Jail

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Harvard donor Jeffrey Epstein is headed for the big house, where he will likely not be receiving sexual massages from underage girls….

Bush Gets Stoned

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Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m kind of looking forward to seeing Oliver Stone’s George W. Bush biopic.

Why $4 Gas is Good for America

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I keep meaning to write a long-ish post on this subject, yet fail to get around to it. So instead, I’m simply going to take note from time to time of the positive things that are coming out of the way Americans are responding to the high price of gas.

For example: The Globe reports that the price of gas is leading to a surge in adults learning how to ride bikes…..

Summers in Washington

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Forbes rounds up various possibilities for Treasury secretary should Barack Obama become president, and one of them is…Larry Summers.

* Lawrence Summers. Economist. Former treasury secretary under Bill Clinton and former president of Harvard University. Summers’ brief tenure at Harvard was marked by conflict with faculty and other controversy. Summers told Fortune this year the U.S. economy is resilient and he would be “very surprised” to see it supplanted as the leading global economy. He wrote in the Financial Times in April that interests of working people and the middle class must be more closely aligned in a global economy. Summers is also a former World Bank chief economist.

It’s a sign of just how effectively Summers has refurbished his reputation that he’s included in such discussions….but would women object? That “innate aptitude” remark still sticks in the craw of many of them.

Monday Morning Zen

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The Obamacons

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Will Colin Powell support Barack Obama?

Writing about “Obamacons”—conservatives who are so disgusted with George Bush that they’ll support Barack Obama—Robert Novak says that the former secretary of state is likely to back the Democrat.

The Globe Crumbles

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Do you ever read those short items on the right-hand margin of the Boston Globe website in which Globe scribes working on stories petition for help?

“Reporter’s Questions,” the Globe calls them.

They inadvertently tell so much about the decline of the newspaper biz….

For example, here’s this from today’s website:

Are you a guy who wears body shaping underwear or stomach-trimming undergarments to look thinner or to fit into your jeans and suits? Please contact
Imagine the conversation between editor and reporter leading to that story getting assigned…..

Shooting Themselves in the Foot

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Will yesterday’s dreary Supreme Court decision on guns actually hurt Republicans by taking the issue off the table this November?

Salon thinks so.

What the National Rifle Association does is try to scare gun owners by telling them Democrats are going to take their guns away,” said Doug Hattaway, a Democratic strategist who advised Hillary Clinton this year, and Gore when he ran for the White House. “Well, the Supreme Court has just said nobody’s going to take their guns away.”

That would be a silver lining, I suppose…..

Speaking of Cindy McCain

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This is shallow of me, but does anyone else think that there’s something just a bit odd about John McCain’s well-preserved wife? I mean, who holds a microphone like that, anyway?

Or is it just that she represents both the case for and the case against Botox?

What a Town

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New York, as we all know, can drive a person crazy. The traffic, the noise, the congestion, the heat, the pollution, the tourists….

But then you go through stretches, like the one I’ve just been through, where you really take advantage of all the city has to offer, and you wonder, How could I live anywhere else?

Friday night: The Cure at Madison Square Garden. Three hours, just like heaven.

Saturday afternoon; the New York City Ballet performing Jerome Robbins at Lincoln Center. Ravishing and impressive.

Monday night: Coldplay, free at the Garden. (Yes: free.) Like the new record a lot.

And Tuesday night: Brazilian legend Gilberto Gil, at the Nokia Theater in Times Square. Have you ever been to a concert with Brazilians, particularly Brazilian expats? It’s a wonderful experience; the emotion is palpable. And Gil is not only a brilliant musician, he’s a great teacher who interspersed his songs with short histories and commentaries on the origins of Brazilian music. (He was, after all, Brazil’s minister of culture.)

Below, some photos.

The Cure pray for rain

The Cure pray for rain….

Coldplay: Fix You and Viva La Vida

Gilberto Gil